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At Tours In Copenhagen we offer all sorts of guided tours in and around Copenhagen. We are a little inbound bureau offering guided tours in Copenhagen and Zealand. After being on one of ours guided tours we want you to leave the city with the sense, that you did not hire a guide, but had a friend showing you around. We are among the best guides in Copenhagen, just read our reviews below.

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On a guided tour you will discover, that Copenhagen is a peculiar city. Copenhagen is in the East of the country, but once it was in the middle. Once Copenhagen was a small fishing village, now it is a modern capital. Once Denmark was a naval superpower, but before that teared by war. And before that there was Vikings – they were not really in Copenhagen and yet the Vikings had a huge impact on Copenhagen and Denmark. Denmark were occupied by Nazi Germany, but cooperated with Germans and saved the Jews at the same time. A great part of the Danish wealth fare is based upon the Danish Model, flexi-securiuty and a tradition for compromises, cooperation and incremental improvements. Discover more of theses subjects and much much more on our guided tours.Book a tour with unforgettable sightseeing in Copenhagen.

Meet our guides

Kristian Dahl Søttrup
Founder & private guide

Born and raised in Jutland, moved to Copenhagen in 1999 to join the Royal Guard, the soldiers guarding the Royal family, and never moved back. He felt in love with Copenhagen, and have spend the past 15 years walking, biking and exploring this wonderful city. In the beginning his Uncle, a guide himself, took him out on city walks and today Kristian surpassed him in knowledge and stories.

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Rejeb Azzouni
Private guide

Rejeb Azzouni is the natural born guide, traveler and explorer. Born and raised in Tunesia close to where some of the Star Wars movies were filmed, Rejeb has been guiding since a young age. Later he would take larger groups out and into the Sahara dessert, either on motorbikes, camels or 4w drives. Rejeb has a talent for language.

Jens Frahm-Rasmussen
Private guide

A specialist in all things intercultural, Jens is a native Copenhagener who loves to show his city and its official – and more unknown sides – to foreigners. Jens has a M.Sc. in intercultural business and runs his own business helping expats to deal with the Danes at work and outside work. Since Danes are not known for sharing their private life with colleagues from abroad (or any colleague for that sake!), he tries to compensate this by arranging local dinners, nightlife tours in Vesterbro and Nørrebro (the best areas to go out in Copenhagen), smørrebrød workshops – or just plain daylight sightseeing.

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Sine Schmidt
Private guide

I’m a passionate and authorized guide with a MA in Arts in Modern Culture from the University of Copenhagen. I grew up in the picturesque neighborhood of Christianshavn in Copenhagen and has spent most of my life here. Why? Because I love Cph and all it´s beautiful architecture, green areas, the fresh air and the sea.

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Martin Ast
Private guide

Born and raised in Copenhagen I’ve always loved my home city for its history, beauty and rich culture. Having earned degrees in history in Denmark and the United States, I am an expert on most things historical, from the local to the global – and I love to share my knowledge of history, the way we remember, and how the past has shaped Denmark and the Danes.

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Britt Herrmann
Private guide

Hans Christian Andersen and I share birthplace, Odense on the Danish island Funen and we also share an interest for the good story and for travelling. I’ve been travelling and working in the Netherlands for many years, but when I moved to Copenhagen - I immediately felt in love with the City and its dynamics combining new and old, and the use of water and green public spaces.

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